E-bike design with focus on user experience

Develop a mountain bike with pedal assistance, which does not look like one. Make a plug-and-play e-bike design. A fun ride, a childish kind of enthusiasm and simplicity. These were the starting points of client Lavelle bikes at the start of this project.

Test riding position with quick model

We tested several e-bikes on flat and hilly terrain. Took a good look at what technologies work together best. An adjustable test model showed which riding position worked best.

Design for user experience

The result is an electric bicycle with its own character. Fully developed from the experience of riders, with a riding position between sportive and relaxed. The tough look is in stark contrast with other electric bikes for city-use. With this bike you tame the mountains, even if your condition is not so good. The character of the motor is adjustable, if desired. The system is easy to operate via your smartphone, which clicks on the handlebars.

Modular e-bike design

The design of this e-bike is completely modular. It stores compact and easy through one-sided wheel suspension and folding pedals. Take it with you by car? No problem. All parts are easy to exchange, the design is entirely developed around an internet sales and service concept.

Would you also like to innovate in electric mobility?

Studio Rotor has extensive experience in industrial design for electric mobility. Whether it is an electric bicycle, a people mover for airports or a charging station. With our knowledge of users, aesthetics and engineering, we think along with you towards an innovative solution!

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Studio Rotor’s involvement: problem analysis, idea generation, visualisation, styling, concept design, prototype testing.

This project was carried out in cooperation with VanMansum, Renske Solkesz and Daanid.

Client (external link):
Lavelle bikes