“An airport the size of Heathrow can be difficult to manoeuvre through and these Multimobbys will make a real difference to our passengers requiring assistance, particularly those with mobility issues or disabilities.” Jonathan Coen, director of customer relations and service at Heathrow

Electric transport vehicle design for airports

How to transport airport passengers with reduced mobility to their gate – in a safe, comfortable ánd efficient way? Nowadays, many airports use golf carts. But as the name says, these vehicles aren’t designed with airports in mind. Therefore, Dutch manufacturer Special Mobility asked Studio Rotor for an electric transport vehicle design that does fit with the specific needs of airports and passengers. This resulted in an innovative vehicle, the Multimobby.

Designed for safety

Studio Rotor designed the vehicle with safety in mind. The driver seat is raised, to provide clear oversight of the surroundings. Also, the high side doors ensure that passengers won’t put their arms outside. Next to these physical barriers, a full sensor package monitors obstacles and people outside the vehicle. The speed is automatically reduced if necessary to prevent a collision.

Fun to ride, for drivers and passengers

The Multimobby drives like a tank – in a positive way. With its zero-turning radius, drivers can make 360 degree turns on the spot. And easily enter an elevator. Now who doesn’t want to drive into an elevator?

Efficient and comfortable

This vehicle design can take up to 7 passengers, whereas current solutions can only take 5 with the same outer dimensions. Through a smart vehicle layout of wheels, motors and batteries, it is possible to provide every passenger with enough (leg) space. The first series of vehicles is deployed at London Heathrow and early feedback is very positive.

Want to combine high efficiency with great user experience?

Our product design studio has lots of experience with product development for experienced operators as well as first time users. Whether it is for electric mobility, transport wheelchairs or self-service products – Studio Rotor can help you!

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Studio Rotor’s involvement: market analysis, ergonomic design, idea generation, concept development.

Client (external link):
Special Mobility

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