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Industrial design agency Studio Rotor is specialised in mobility design. Whether you’re developing a people transporter, electric bike or other smart mobility design, we help you bring it to market.

design process of electric scooter
Design of a tough electric scooter
Electric bike & scooter

Electric bike & scooter

We help you develop a competitive advantage in the crowded market of consumer mobility. We create fast prototypes to test driving characteristics. Examples: electric scooter, foldable e-bike, cargobike, e-bike/pedelec.

Autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles

These driverless vehicles need to be carefully designed around the perception of users and the general public, so that people will accept them in their daily life. Examples: care robot, automated guided vehicle for warehousing or people mover.

Public transport

Public transport

Focus on user experience, safety and maintenance. Thorough user research to find out what passengers and personnel need. Integrated design of vehicle interior and exterior. Examples: train, tram, bus, automated people mover.

Industrial vehicles

Industrial vehicles

Focus on operator ergonomics, functional layout and professional appearance. Examples: cleaning vehicle, electric mover (logistics), ground support equipment at airports, cabin design, electric garbage truck, fire truck, ambulance.

Mobility aids

Mobility aids

Here, we combine two of our expertise areas: healthcare and mobility. These designs require deep insight in user’s healthcare needs, as well as opportunities in technology. Examples: mobility scooter, wheelchair mover, (powered) wheelchair.

Other mobility design

Other mobility design

We’ve worked on vehicles with continuous tracks, zero turning radius, child seats and stair-climbers. Always looking to push the boundaries beyond existing categories and find new modes of transportation and mobility. We’d love to hear what you are thinking of!

Mobility design - Vehicle sketches - Design process | Voertuig ontwerp - mobiliteit design | Studio Rotor
Vehicle design concept sketches
Mobility design electric bike design by Studio Rotor -

Experts in transport design

We’ve designed all kinds of electric vehicles. Mobility design for two wheels, four wheels, continuous tracks, zero turning radius. Whether you want to move people to work, move people at work, transport people at airports… we’ll design it for you.

Aesthetics ánd functionality

We believe that great design not only looks good. It should work good too. Especially for mobility design, we start early on with prototypes and tests. Certain things, such as steering and driving characteristics just can’t be experienced in CAD. Through these quick tests and prototypes, we improve the functional design in an early phase.

“The design looks good, clients love it and the functionality is improved. After the first project, we’ve worked with Studio Rotor on several other projects to our full satisfaction. My compliments!”
Frank BodCEO of Special Mobility
Transport design process diagram - Studio Rotor

Mobility design process

Example of design process for mobility products:

  • Analysis & user research
  • Functional layout studies
  • Functional prototype, driving tests
  • Exterior & interior concept design
  • Visual prototypes
  • Engineering & optimalisation
  • Prototyping & testing
  • Certification & production assistance

What are you working on?

Are you working on product development for mobility and transportation? Have you thought about a design-centered approach? We look forward to discussing your ideas and our possible input.

Our design agency carries out the actual design work for you, while we build on your expertise and experience. We offer you inspiring insights from user and competitor research. With clear visuals we ensure that you keep overview and are able to make good decisions.

Together with you, we work towards a beautiful, user-friendly and producible mobility design. That fits you, and your customers.

Let’s start a project together!