Design of a tough electric scooter

Electric scooter design

Studio Rotor has developed an electric scooter for MUZE that dares to show its construction. A no-frills scooter design, reminiscent of the mopeds from the 20th century.

Be unlike other scooters

Develop an electric scooter that doesn’t look like a typical scooter. That was the question that MUZE brought to Studio Rotor. We love to work on electric mobility projects, so we were very excited to pick up this challenge!

Design vision: brutal, strong, powerful

After an initial market exploration, we drew up a design vision for the scooter. It served as the basis for the further design process. The urban environment as target market, with keywords such as brutal, strong and powerful.

MUZE: what you see is what you get

And that’s what the MUZE has become. A vehicle with strong, characteristic lines. This scooter design is driven by what you see is what you get. Clean, functional and raw. Slightly reminiscent of the good old mopeds, but with the fun and power of electric driving.

Robust, flexible & ergonomic

In terms of functionality, this scooter design also has a lot to offer. The steel frame provides robustness and durability for the urban environment. The saddle is adjustable in height and exchangeable for a 1- or 2-person version.

Studio Rotor’s involvement: exploration, develop design vision, styling, concept design, engineering, supervision of prototyping, optimalisation, regulation and certification.

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MUZE scooter

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