Industrial design | 3D product design

The field of industrial design (or 3D product design) works on the following questions:

  • How can technology improve people’s lives?
  • How do you make a product (and technology) easy and enjoyable to use?
  • Which style and design suit the users of a product?
  • What is needed to mass-produce a product?
  • How can we do all this without putting an extra burden on the environment?

In every industrial design project, Studio Rotor works on the basis of these and other questions towards a good and well thought-out product.

Developing new ideas

Often, there are more possibilities than you think. As a client, you usually already have an idea of a possible product. Then it is important to avoid working blindly on one direction. Our designers can then help you by developing and exploring other thought directions. Based on that, we can then see what best suits the market.

Industrial design project overview - Studio Rotor
Product design process - Studio Rotor

Feasibility study

Sometimes it is unclear whether a solution is even possible. Maybe you’ve already tried all kinds of directions, or the question is so complex that it is difficult to see possible solutons. With an industrial design expert you can quickly investigate feasibility of your ideas. We look at the question from a different angle and develop creative ideas. We provide insight into what users need, and make this concrete with sketches and models.

Making ideas concrete with industrial design

An idea can often still be interpreted in all kinds of ways, especially if it is only described in words. Only when an idea is visualized in more concrete terms, all kinds of questions often arise. How exactly will a product be used? How to manufacture it exactly?

Evaluating concrete ideas

Making ideas concrete is an essential part of 3D product design. Studio Rotor helps you translate global ideas into a concrete concept or product. At that stage, clients, customers and users can indicate much better whether they like the product proposal. It also enables manufacturing partners to contribute ideas about the producibility of a product.

Product positioning

As a manufacturer: do you want to focus on the top segment, or would you prefer a good price-quality ratio? Will it be a “premium” or “good value for money”? Studio Rotor helps you think about these topics and then we design a product that fits the chosen positioning.

Balancing different interests

Industrial designers are good at balancing different interests. Even if there are seemingly conflicting interests. Users, buyers, suppliers, legislators, patent attorneys – they all have their own interests that are not always easy to reconcile.

Moodboard - by product design studio - Studio Rotor
Frame of convertible camper bed - by Studio Rotor

The designer as a user’s advocate

Above all, designers are the user’s advocate in product development. Because we believe that satisfied users ultimately ensure a thriving business, whether you work in a B2C or B2B environment.

Especially with products for professional users, there is often a considerable difference between purchasing departments and end users. Their interests are not incompatible, but it can be helpful to speak to both groups – or at least keep them in mind.

Validate design with prototypes

We use various (rapid) prototyping techniques to quickly validate and test a design. We do this testing ourselves, or with users. The insights from those tests directly form the input for design improvements.

Positive contribution to society

Studio Rotor wants to make a positive contribution to society. We focus on four industries: sustainable mobility, health care, public space and industry. Over the years we have gained a lot of specific knowledge and experience in these sectors.

Creative and analytical

Try out solutions immediately. In sketch, in CAD, with quick prototypes. At the same time, we research what is required from a product. What do users need, what does the producer want, are there other stakeholders?

This constant back-and-forth between generating solutions and investigating the problem is a typical characteristic of the field of industrial design.

Sketches of design process for folding mechanism of convertible camper bed - by Studio Rotor

Advancing insight

We believe that a good product solves a problem. And that problem isn’t always completely clear at the start of a design project. Some aspects of a problem don’t surface until you get to work on the design. Next to working on the actual design, designers also create a better understanding of the problem the product solves.

Adjust design process to type of product

A design problem is not a math problem – there are always several possible solutions. The design process is always different, depending on the industry, the type of product and the desired solution. Especially when it comes to more complex products. It is sometimes difficult for inexperienced designers to find their way forward through all possible solutions. The experienced designers at Studio Rotor know how to go from complex issues to concrete products.

Looking to outsource industrial design?

Do you want to outsource 3D product design work? We are happy to use our industrial design expertise for your company. This prevents your product development plans from being postponed by the day-to-day activities of your company.

We are happy to think along with you in an exploratory conversation. Take the first step and contact us now!