What does an industrial designer do?

Developing a good product

An industrial designer (also known as product designer) knows the specifics of developing a physical product. From an initial idea to concept, from prototype to a product that is ready to launch.

Knowledge of people and technology

Industrial designers have broad knowledge of various areas such as user experience, usability, design, sustainability, production and technology. This allows us to make creative connections and trade-offs between those areas. It also makes it easy for us to collaborate with other parties in product development such as technical specialists or product managers.

Mindmap at start of design process | Mindmap aan begin van ontwerpproces

Well-developed empathy

Product designers empathize with others. Whether it concerns users, clients, medical specialists, logistics managers. We quickly master the vocabulary and ask those questions that clarify where possibilities and limitations lie.

To puzzle with a fuzzy puzzle

A product designer is trained to work from abstract to concrete. You could compare it to puzzling with a puzzle that is not yet finished. Puzzle pieces are added or left out along the way. Also, only as the design process progresses does it fully become clear what will be on the puzzle.

Increasing the succes rate for the manufacturer

A product designer continuously tests product ideas and concepts during the design process. This can be done by sketching, CAD models, a fast physical models or complete prototypes. These tests are for the designers themselves or with users and other stakeholders.

All these tests help to validate the design during product development. This limits the R&D risks for a manufacturer and greatly increases a product’s chance of success.

What does an industrial designer cost?

Developing good, well thought-through products costs money. This is an investment to increase chances of a successful and profitable product. For us it is important that the project costs are in proportion to the potential profits for the client.

Because we have little overhead as a small studio, the vast majority of our fee are actual development costs.

Most design projects cost between € 5,000 (for feasibility study or exploratory assignment) and € 100,000 (for full development of a more complex product). We usually agree upon a fixed price with clients for research and concept design, and we make an estimate of the costs for development to realisation.

Product development is a tailor-made process. Get in touch with us to get a indication of development costs for your specific project!

Industrial designer testing product with users
Showing steps of folding mechanism of Multi Scoop Prostretcher - wheelchair - folding mechanism - healthcare - medical design

Want to get started yourself?

You have an idea. Or you see an opportunity in the market. You can get started with that yourself. However, you can of course also outsource product development to the industrial designers of Studio Rotor. Goes a lot faster, and the end result is better. Also take a look at 10 reasons to hire a design agency.

Our industrial designers

We have a lot of experience with the fuzzy start of product development: from zero to one. We are flexible, creative, go-getters. Our university background enables us to work on complex issues. Often projects with a complex mechanism or a large number of stakeholders. Always looking for new opportunities. Always with the end user in mind.

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