Concept design for product development

What is concept design?

Concept design is an early phase in product development in which the general concept of a product is laid out. In this stage, various aspects of the product are considered, such as user experience, usability, styling, technology. Without going into details too much.

Exploring boundaries

Industrial designers usually begin the concept design phase by sketching many quick ideas for the product or parts of the product. By doing this we explore the boundaries of what is possible. We investigate what works or doesn’t work. What functionality could be integrated? And what product layout works best? Which styling fits best with the product and the target group?

Vehicle design concept sketches

From idea to concept

When the solution space is explored enough and many ideas have been developed, we work out a number of the most promising ideas into product concepts. In such a concept, there shouldn’t be any major remaining uncertainty. That forces us to make it concrete and to look at all the product concept characteristics and implications.

Concept design process example - by Studio Rotor

Why multiple concepts?

So, you could say that developing multiple concepts only costs extra time and money. Why work out multiple product ideas, if you can just spend that budget on one concept?

Working on one concept only is an option, but we don’t recommend it. Early in the product design process, you want to explore all your options as good as possible. And you can only evaluate products ideas well if they are worked out a little further into concepts.

Explore with low investments

The first phases of the product development process require relatively low investments, but the new product will largely be defined in these initial stages.

Later in the process there are much higher investments at stake (for engineering, production and marketing). At that stage, it is much more costly to make major changes to the product concept.

So, it is best to explore several directions at an early stage and make a well-thought through choice between the product concepts.

Evaluate with clients and users

With a concept, it becomes clear whether the product ideas are realistic and feasible. Studio Rotor always provides clear visualizations of a concept. These concept visuals can be used to warm up or gather feedback from customers, users, or your internal organisation.

Want to get going?

You have an idea. Or you’ve spotted an opportunity in the market. You could work on the design by yourself. But, you could also outsource the concept development to Studio Rotor’s industrial designers. Way faster, and the end result will be better.

We have a lot of experience with the fuzzy front-end of product development. You’ll quickly see product ideas come to life with our visualizations. We are flexible, creative and don’t give up.  Always looking for new opportunities. Always with the end user in mind.

Studio Rotor is specialized in concept design

Going from idea to product. From nothing to something. Creating new product ideas. That’s what Studio Rotor is best at. Whether you’re working on innovations for the medical sector, mobility & transport, industry or the public domain.

We help you with concept design and product innovation and speed up your product development!

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