Are you looking for designers
to develop your next line of equipment?

Industrial design firm Studio Rotor is experienced in equipment design.
Whether you’re developing an industrial cleaning machine, a stair climber or other professional equipment, we help you bring it to market.

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Boom lift design - Hoogwerker ontwerp
Material handling equipment

Material handling equipment

We help you understand the human factor in material handling. Based on your experience and our user research, we create innovative material handling equipment. Usability, ergonomics and producibility are all taken into account from the start. Examples: hand truck, fork lift truck, electric tow equipment, ground handling equipment stair climber.

Construction equipment

Construction equipment

In this quite conservative market, it is very important to match the demands and perception of the construction workers. Studio Rotor does thorough user research and prototype testing to create great equipment that workers love to use. Examples: lift aid for heavy goods, construction hoist, ergonomic wheelbarrow, heavy equipment, safety protection, boom lift.

Cleaning equipment

Cleaning equipment

Focus on user experience, ergonomics, safety and maintenance. Create innovative cleaning systems by thorough observation and analysis of current working methods. Examples: window cleaning pole, floor cleaning machine.

Rescue equipment

Rescue equipment

Studio Rotor has lots of experience with design of rescue equipment. We help you develop innovative products with our expertise with user research, usability and prototyping. For fire department, ambulance, sea rescue, disaster management. Examples: emergency shelter, hydraulic cutter, life boat.

Other industrial equipment

Other industrial equipment

We’ve worked on systems with continuous tracks, zero turning radius, spring-balanced lifts. Always looking to push the boundaries beyond existing categories and find new ways to improve the working environment in the industry. We’d love to hear what you are thinking of!

Stairclimber design
“The design looks good, clients love it and the functionality is improved. After the first project, we've worked with Studio Rotor on several other projects to our full satisfaction. My compliments!” - Frank Bod - Owner of Special Mobility
Experts in equipment design

Studio Rotor has worked on all kinds of professional equipment design: from a construction lift aid to a rugged, folding rescue stretcher. This makes that we are familiar with the machine directive, standards and other regulation. We’ll help you lower the physical load on operators and improve the quality of their work.

Design for conservative markets

In many industrial environments, there’s a certain bias towards current working methods. You might have already noticed that it is difficult to bring innovation onto the work floor. It’s difficult to break the status quo. With our user research methods, we are able to get clear insights into what operators and other stakeholders need. We use these insights to create industrial equipment that truly matches the operator’s needs.

Tailored equipment design process

Example of equipment design process:

  • Analysis & user research
  • Ergonomic study
  • Functional idea generation
  • Concept design & concept engineering
  • Testing with quick prototypes
  • Engineering & optimalisation
  • Prototyping & testing
  • Certification & production assistance
What are you working on?

Do you plan to develop a new professional product or machine? Have you thought about a design-centered approach? We look forward to discussing your ideas and our possible input.

We carry out the actual design work for you, while we build on your expertise and experience. You’ll get inspiring insights from user and competitor research. With clear visuals we ensure that you keep overview and are able to make good decisions.

Together with you, we work towards a smart, user-friendly and producible equipment design. That fits you, and your customers.