Multi Scoop Pro in scoop stretcher and wheelchair mode
Multi Scoop Pro as open scoop stretcher

Ambulance stretcher design

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What if ambulance personnel would have a lightweight wheelchair to transport patients with light injuries? What if paramedics could take more equipment on the ambulance, without taking up more space?

Studio Rotor developed the ambulance stretcher design of the Multi Scoop Pro for Retter Medical. Our colleagues at IDP Amsterdam further developed the concept towards manufacturing. BPO worked on simulation and optimization of the design.

It combines the functionality of a scoop stretcher and a wheelchair. With a patented mechanism, it easily switches between scoop and wheelchair. In a matter of seconds. When folded flat, it’s as thin as a regular scoop stretcher. Because of that, it fits into existing ambulance compartments.

Research of work environment of paramedics

This project started with a broad exploration of the work environment of ambulance personnel. What physical loads are paramedics exposed to? Is it possible to develop tools to make their work lighter? We’ve observed and spoken with several ambulance paramedics, healthcare managers and other experts to deeply understand the problems that they encounter.

Heavy stretchers and other equipment

In our research, it became clear that traditional manual stretchers in ambulances were more and more replaced by electrical stretchers. But often, paramedics seem to leave these heavy powered stretchers (60 kg and up) in the ambulance, because most of their patients are still quite mobile. In those cases, the paramedics need to carry all their equipment (around 35 kg).

Also, the research showed that literally every ambulance contains a scoop stretcher. These scoop stretchers are used to lift patients up from the ground. For example when they’re unconscious. These scoop stretchers are rarely used, but take up a lot of space in the vehicle.

Showing steps of folding mechanism of Multi Scoop Prostretcher - wheelchair - folding mechanism - healthcare - medical design
Paramedics scooping a patient from ground with Multi Scoop Pro - scoop stretcher and wheelchair - ambulance equipment - medical design
Paramedics using stretchers - Ambulance stretcher user research - healthcare - medical design
Scoop stretcher + lightweight wheelchair

The combination of a scoop stretcher with a lightweight wheelchair proved to be the most promising direction. It has three functions. First, paramedics can use it as a cart to wheel equipment to the emergency site. Second, they can take less injured patients back on wheelchair mode. And third, it can be used as normal scoop stretcher in case of heavier injuries.

Innovative mechanism folds fast and flat

During the design process, we were inspired by many other smart designs, such as folding chairs, the Ruxxac cart and the Caterpillar Scoop.

To reach ultimate flatness and folding speed, we invented an innovative patented mechanism. It quickly transforms the wheelchair into a scoop stretcher and back. In just a few seconds. It folds to a very flat package, so that it fits in existing storage space for scoops in ambulances.

Rigid and safe mechanism

The mechanism is rigid in scoop mode, so that patients can be safely scooped from the ground. And it’s rigid in wheelchair mode, so that patients can be safely transported to the ambulance. The Multi Scoop Pro can also transport medical equipment to the emergency site.

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Studio Rotor’s involvement: strategic design, user research, ergonomic studies, idea and concept development, concept engineering, prototype design and building, CAD modeling.

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Retter Medical

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Studio Rotor

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IDP Amsterdam

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