Frequently asked questions

What can an industrial designer do for my company?

Studio Rotor can be hired for industrial design, design strategy, design thinking workshops, market research, feasibility studies, user research, sketching, concept design, CAD modeling, technical product development, usage tests, design, development of (folding) mechanisms, redesign of existing product, engineering , guidance on prototype building.

Do industrial designers only focus on aesthetics?

Aesthetics is part of what we work on. But in good product design there is a lot more to look at.

For example, we think about how people experience and use a product. Which functions are frequently used and which less frequent? How does the product work? How to ensure that everyone can use the product, including those in wheelchairs and elderly people?

We also think about how a product can be manufactured properly and efficiently. And how all the above can be smartly combined in one product.

Have you worked in our industry before?

Our clients know their industries best. Studio Rotor is an expert in product development, creativity, user experience and design. In a collaboration we offer a fresh look at our clients’ business, while we build on expertise that already exists in our clients’ organizations.

But, to answer the question: we have worked for many different markets (healthcare & rehabilitation, construction equipment, industrial equipment, logistics, parking, transport, mobility, etc) and we are used to quickly discover and master new industries.

Why does a design project begin with a research & analysis phase?

We believe that good design is the result of a careful thought and development process.  Insights from our own research provide broad insight into what people needed, what already exists, what users experience, what the technical possibilities are. These insights ensure that we create something truly new and meaningful. That’s why we always begin our projects with research and analysis.

Does Studio Rotor work for startups / SMEs / large companies?

We work for companies of all sizes.

For larger companies we usually are part of a development team, as an expert in the field of design, user experience and creativity. We are often the connecting factor between the various departments (marketing, engineering, operations, etc). As an external party it is easier to move between the departments of an organization.

For smaller companies we usually take on the entire product development as an all-round design agency, of course in close cooperation with the client.

It's probably quite expensive to get you on a project?

Not really. Developing good, meaningful products has it’s price. It’s an investment in increasing your chances for success and greater profitability. For Studio Rotor, it is important that the project costs are in proportion to your potential profits of our design work.

And good to know: as a small studio with little overhead, the vast majority of our fees are actually spent on development.

What does a design project cost?

Typical design projects cost between € 5,000 (for feasibility study or exploratory assignment) and € 50,000 (for full development of a more complex product). Usually we agree with our clients on a fixed price for research and concept design, and we estimate the costs for the detailing and engineering.

Do you also work on basis of royalties / revenue share?

We usually work on the basis of a fixed project price. Sometimes a part of the project is carried out at an hourly rate. And in a limited number of projects in exchange for royalties. We only work on basis of royalties with clients that we know well and have worked with before.

Do you also work on location?

If necessary, we can work at a client’s location. Normally, our industrial designers work from our studio near Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

What's with the name "Studio Rotor"?

It’s a metaphor for our design process. A rotor is the rotating part of an electric motor. This rotor ensures movement by alternately making contact with the positive and negative pole in the motor.

Studio Rotor brings product development into motion by alternately connecting the various aspects of design (design, user, production, sustainability, etc).

How can we best start a project?

It is best to start by discussing your wishes and possibilities. Contact us here to make an appointment for a first exploratory meeting. If you have a new technology or invention, it is no problem for us to setup an NDA before the meeting.