Our approach of the design process

How to translate your idea into a promising product? How to know whether your idea is truly great? In a structured design process, Studio Rotor works with you on these and other questions…towards your next great product!
Diagram of design process of Studio Rotor

Discover: find opportunities, get insight in user needs

By observing, listening and asking questions, we get to know your users and find out what really matters to them. What makes their heart beat faster. We identify opportunities in the market. This kick-starts the design process.

Studio Rotor makes use of various tools such as on-site user observations, in-depth user interviews, expert reviews and co-creation sessions.

In this phase, we work on a clear understanding of the design problem and all its aspects.

Design process - industrial design
Industrial designer testing product with users

Design: concept design, prototyping & testing

Studio Rotor turns newly found insights into concrete product concepts. In that way, we explore various directions for the design. We build mock-ups and test them with users, to ensure that your end users will love your new product.

Our strength lies in the development of elegant and user friendly solutions to complex design problems. When designing a folding mechanism for a wheelchair for example, we have to bring together knowledge of construction, user demands, production and aesthetics in one design.

More about concept design

Develop: engineering & realisation

In this part of the design process, we translate concepts into reality and prepare for production. Together with your production partner or department, Studio Rotor works on the realisation of the product, while keeping sight of the original idea behind it.

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