Product development by design

Studio Rotor is experienced with product development. Whether your company works for healthcare, mobility or industry – we’re glad to help you develop your next product.

Productontwikkeling ontwerpproces - Product development process - Studio Rotor

How to approach new product development?

> Deep understanding of users & other stakeholders

We believe that good product development starts with deep insight into what people need. Truly understand what end users experience. People in the workplace, people on the street, people with disabilities. But also find out what is important for the client and other stakeholders. In this first phase of a project we engage with various stakeholders, we observe users and look at relevant technologies and competitors.

> Translate to specific goals

We believe it is important to immerse ourselves in the perception of the various users of your products. What do they encounter? How do they experience that? What are their motives? How do they deal with limitations? We translate all insights from this phase into a list of requirements for the rest of the design project.

> Explore solutions

Then we start exploring solutions. Here we make sketches, build quick prototypes & CAD models. And build further on the insights from the previous phase. Intuitively, we have a good idea of what the possibilities are, and we often also exchange ideas with the stakeholders we spoke to earlier.

Prototyping and testing during product development at Studio Rotor | Prototypebouw en testen tijdens productontwikkeling bij Studio Rotor
> Testing and optimizing

Studio Rotor’s industrial designers are good at listening, asking questions, sketching fast solutions, building & testing. And that helps: the design team that does the research is immediately able to translate the insights into practical solutions.

> Work towards one concept

At some point in the process it becomes clearer what the solution will look like. We work towards a concept design, in which it is clearly visible what the product will look like, what specifications it will have, and how it will be used.

> Prepare for production

In the final phase of product development, the concept design is worked out for production. For some projects Studio Rotor does the engineering, at other times we work together with specialists in the field of mechanical engineering, FEM analysis and optimization. Here we keep a close eye on whether the final product fits the earlier insights about the user and other stakeholders.

For which companies do we work on product development?

Companies in healthcare, mobility and other industries

Studio Rotor helps SME-companies with product development for series production. Our clients are manufacturers for various industries, such as healthcare, transport & mobility, logistics and airports.

Start with precise briefing, or figure it out together

Sometimes we come across companies that have a fairly concrete picture of what they want to develop, but often we also help clients to get a clearer picture of the opportunities in the market.

Product lines or product-service combinations

We are not just talking about one product here. It is often a (modular) product line. Or a product-service combination. But always based on deep insight into the world of end users and other stakeholders.

Mindmap at start of design process | Mindmap aan begin van ontwerpproces

Where to start?

At the start of a product development project, it can be difficult to make the first step. So many ideas and possibilities! One can easily be confused and not see what to do first. We’re glad to help you with that.

Take the first step, get in touch!