Why hire a product design studio? 10 reasons:

1. You want to quickly explore new product ideas

Your internal R&D engineers may find it difficult to switch between daily engineering work and innovation projects. Too much knowledge of existing products can block creativity and innovation.

An external product design studio can quickly create various innovative product ideas, and compare them at concept design level. With clear visualizations, which you can use to evaluate with your organization or (potential) customers.

Product design process - Studio Rotor

2. Your competitors have patents on key technology

A patent can make it difficult for you. Especially if it is owned by a direct competitor. While patents are intended to ensure that new technology can be used freely, it takes 20 years before you can use it. Fortunately, a patent often also gives a lot of knowledge to build further on.

Studio Rotor has a lot of experience with patents. It often turns out that we still see a lot of room for innovation, also in markets with many patents.

3. You find it hard to innovate in an industry you know so well

Good chance that you’ve been working in your industry for a long time now. Which is great: you have a lot of specific knowledge about what works and doesn’t work. On the other hand, it might be more difficult to innovate. More difficult to come up with new products.

Our product design firm works in various industries and segments. In addition, our designers are creative, critical and curious. That combination might just give you the fresh look that you need!

4. Your innovation plans are bigger than your R&D capacity

Internal R&D departments usually are very busy with daily issues. Keeping track of product changes, arranging documentation, realizing customer requests. It is difficult to also work on product innovation projects on the side.

A product design studio can easily give you some extra speed and resources. We’re dedicated to your product innovation & development, and happy to provide you with extra capacity when you need it.

5. You don’t want an in-house design team

You have a very good idea. Or you see an opportunity for innovation in your industry. But you do not have the need for in-house industrial designers. So you want someone who can work independently on product development.

Outsourcing is easy and fast. We’ll take over the heavy lifting. And above all, if the project is finished, you’ll have no ongoing costs.

6. You have a product idea, but don’t know how to proceed

An industrial designer is good at translating an idea into a product. From a vague idea to concrete product design. How does the product work? How to make it look good? How to manufacture it? Which regulations must be complied with?

Hiring an experienced product design agency might be the easiest way for you to quickly acquire this kind of knowledge.

7. You have innovative technology, but no product yet

Product development and technology development are two very different things. In product development, human factors are very important. For instance, what are users’ biggest needs and desires? And how to fulfill them? Or: how to make a product that’s usable, producible ánd good-looking?

We understand if product design isn’t your cup of tea. Just hire a product design studio such as Studio Rotor and we’ll be happy to develop your technology into a great product.

Product portfolio design - Studio Rotor

8. You want to simplify your product portfolio

If you do not pay attention, you end up with a cluttered forest of products, options and customer-specific adjustments. Resulting in extra costs of documentation, stock and maintenance.

An industrial design agency can help you combine products. Or we create a modular system. We’ll simplify your product portfolio. That will make your business much easier, and more profitable!

9. Profits of your best-selling product are declining

Times change, market segments become saturated, your competitors continue to innovate. It can be difficult to see opportunities, when your organization has been focusing on current products for a long time.

A product design studio can help you determine a new direction for product development. We find opportunities in the market, set out a design strategy, create innovative products. We help you transform your organization.

10. You need design/design thinking, but don’t know how.

You’ve come to the right place. We work on design and design thinking every day. We can immediately apply these methods in your organization. In a workshop or design project. On average, product profits increase with 20% when attention is paid to design. So what are you waiting for?

Eager to work with a product design studio?

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