Studio Rotor is a design firm that helps companies develop new products.
We strive for smart, good-looking and user-friendly solutions.
About the studio

Studio Rotor is an industrial design firm located near Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We help companies develop products for healthcare, mobility, industry and the public domain.

Our expertise lies in creating on the intersection between usability, aesthetics and engineering. We know how to integrate these elements into one product. Or into a product line.

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Industrial design for you

We carry out the actual design work for you, while we build on your expertise and experience. We offer you inspiring insights from research on users and competitors. With clear visuals we ensure that you keep overview and are able to make good decisions.

Together with you, we work towards a beautiful, user-friendly and producible design. That fits you, and your customers.

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Let’s work on your next bestseller!

Which opportunities are there in your market? How can you differentiate from competitors? How to increase your chances for a successful product? Studio Rotor helps you.

Looking forward to hear from you!

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