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Industrieel ontwerpbureau - mobliteit | Industrial design firm - mobility vehicles | Studio Rotor

Mobility design

For the design of everything on wheels. Whether it is electric, human-powered, two, three or four wheels, for consumers or professionals – we’ll design it for you!

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Industrieel ontwerpbureau medisch | Industrial design firm - medical | Studio Rotor

Medical design

For the design of products in the medical and healthcare domain. Focus on user experience (patient and medical professionals), testing and certification/regulation.

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Industrieel ontwerpbureau - hulpmiddel | Industrial design consultancy - lift aid

Equipment design

For the design of professional equipment. Innovation of cabins, tools, machines. Improve performance and lower the physical load on operators for all kinds of industries.

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Product design bureau - public design - product design firm - Studio Rotor

Public design

For the design of self-service products in the public domain. Expertise in user experience and protection against vandalism and weather influences. Create accessible products.

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“Studio Rotor did a great job of developing an ambulance stretcher for us. We are very satisfied with the results and our cooperation. I would highly recommend Studio Rotor to everyone who is looking for creative solutions for their product and business development.”- Riemer Smink - Director of Retter Helfer Medical / PRISM Investments
“The design of the wheelchair looks good, clients love it and the functionality is improved. After the first project, we've worked with Studio Rotor on several other projects to our full satisfaction. My compliments!”- Frank Bod - Owner of Special Mobility
“The design of the wallbox was well received at the tradeshow. I’m happy with Studio Rotor’s design work. Thanks again!” - Bart Nederstigt - Product Manager at ABB
Medical design - sketches - high low bed for children with disabilities
Public design - Ergonomic study of parking machine
Public design - Self bag drop - User scenario
About the design studio

Studio Rotor is an product design studio located near Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We help companies with product development for healthcare, mobility, industry and the public domain.

As industrial designers we know how to create innovation on the intersection between usability, aesthetics and engineering. And how to integrate these elements into one innovative product. Or into a product line. Read more about our design studio…

Industrial design for you

We carry out the actual design work for you, while we build on your expertise and experience. We offer you inspiring insights from research on users and competitors. With clear visuals we ensure that you keep overview and are able to make good decisions.

Together with you, we work towards a beautiful, user-friendly and producible design. That fits you, and your customers. Read more about our product design approach…

What are you working on?

Which opportunities for product innovation are there in your market? How can you differentiate from competitors with innovation and design? How to increase your chances for a successful product? Studio Rotor helps you.

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