About Studio Rotor

Since 2007, Studio Rotor designs products with an eye for user experience and elegance – without compromising producibility and sustainability.

Studio Rotor is owned by Floris Wiegerinck, who himself works as an industrial designer on all projects. The design firm works for small start-ups as well as large multinationals. We have a workshop to make and test physical models.

About industrial designer
Floris Wiegerinck

Floris graduated Cum Laude from Delft University of Technology in Industrial Design Engineering. He studied in Sweden at Umeå Institute of Design. Floris has 15 years of experience in the design of products for healthcare, professional use, mobility and public domain.

We love complex projects

Studio Rotor works best in more complex and challenging projects. Through our knowledge of the various aspects of product development, we can easily work with all the parties that are involved in the development process.

Integral & structured thinking

Projects are carried out in a structured and integral way, so that all interests are taken into account. We collaborate intensively with clients to ensure that the designs actually become successful products.

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