Boom lift design - Hoogwerker ontwerp
“We are getting positive reactions on the boom lift design. We're very satisfied with the result and the personal collaboration with Studio Rotor." Matthijs van der Ham, owner of Rhinox
Exploration by design sketches of boom lift equipment
Hoogwerker bij gevel
Showing boom lift design moving in extended position
Aesthetic sketches of boom lift

Boom lift design

Dutch manufacturer Rhinox asked Studio Rotor to work on the design of their new boom lift, the RX12CS. The goal: a strong, compact and easy to operate product.

Strong and recognizable aesthetic

In an intensive project, we searched for a strong, robust and stable form. A very recognizable form as well. And, it should be possible to expand it into a future line of machines.

Short turnaround, intensive cooperation

This project had a turnaround time of approximately 8 weeks. Thanks to a clear design vision, many sketches, fast CAD models and regular meetings, we were able to quickly work towards the end result.

This intensive cooperation ensured that the design of the lids fits well with the interior of the machine. While the engineering of the internal system was also still in progress.

Freeform CAD modeling

For this project we used the freeform CAD functionality of the Fusion360 software package. This allowed us to quickly develop and compare different shapes.

Engineering of enclosure

After choosing the final design direction with Rhinox, we did the engineering in Solidworks. This CAD software gives more control over the surfacing details and the connection between the various surfaces.

Studio Rotor’s involvement: exploration, create design vision, styling, concept design, engineering of enclosure.

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