Row of nested wheelchairs - wheelchair design by Studio Rotor

Wheelchair design

Together with long-time client Special Mobility we set out to redesign their flagship wheelchair Mobby. This wheelchair design started by setting up an ambitious list of requirements, which incorporated input from customers.

Multi-level design process

Designing these types of products is a multi-level puzzle. The wheelchair needs to work stand-alone, linked together, nested. And it needs to incorporate 15+ optional accessories, such as an oxygen bottle holder or leg supports. So the design process includes a lot of switching between these levels in which the wheelchair can be used.

New wheelchair outperforms competition

The wheelchair that Studio Rotor developed out-performs all of its competitors on all counts. In terms of nesting size, ease of use, robustness, safety and modularity – this is the best solution on the market. We’re very proud of that result.

Man pushing two linked wheelchairs at hospital
design process with sketches of wheelchair development
Very compact nesting

Airports and hospitals told us that space is an important issue. So we optimized the nesting method so that 10 nested wheelchairs are 4 meters long. With its 12,5 inch rear wheels, this is the most compact a transport chair can get.

Easy to link up to 3 passengers

The Mobby has an improved method of linking up to 3 wheelchairs with passengers. And drive them manually or with a wheelchair mover. Through this, airports and hospitals can greatly improve their service and speed of operation for people with mobility disabilities.

Same feel, very much improved functionality

Although the wheelchair has been fully designed from scratch, it still visually resembles is predecessor. It’s look & feel fits perfectly with the branding of the rest of Mobby product family.

Studio Rotor’s involvement: problem analysis, idea development, concept development, concept engineering, visualisation.

Client (external link):
Special Mobility

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visualisation of stackable wheelchair innovation
modular design of wheelchair