Electric vehicle charger design

ABB asked Studio Rotor to make an EV charger design for their new very fast chargers. The aim of this project was to develop a modular system that can be well adapted to various customers.

Recognizable and adjustable

How can you create a design that is recognizable as an ABB product, but also forms a blank canvas for the marketing and branding of ABB’s clients? That was an important question in this project. During the design process we looked for the right balance between these two aspects.

The end result is an EV charger design with clean and elegant lines that fits well within ABB’s range of fast chargers. At the same time, the product has a number of large surfaces that can be filled in different ways: with product graphics, transparent, signage lights or a screen.

Electric vehicle charger design sketches by Studio Rotor | Lader voor elektrische voertuigen - design schetsen door Studio Rotor
Inclusive design: usability for all users

As this charging station is placed worldwide, the design is aligned with strict US legislation on user-friendliness for people with disabilities (ADA). Although that can sometimes be puzzling, this design proves that user-friendliness for wheelchair users doesn’t have to be at the expense of people not in a wheelchair.

ABB is implementing these charging stations in many places around the world. In the Netherlands, they’re being used by Fastned along the highways. A short movie about their charge locations can be seen here.

Also making products for the public space?

Studio Rotor would be happy to help you. We think of topics such as aesthetics, vandalism, weather resistance and user experience. And much more. We bring your product development up to speed, and bring your ideas into reality!

Studio Rotor’s involvement: ergonomic studies, concept development, component layout studies, form studies, full scale testing with mock-ups, CAD modeling, design support in engineering phase.

Client (external link):
ABB EV charging infrastructure

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