Lift aid design for transport of heavy goods

Delivering white goods is heavy work. Delivery drivers often lift a washing machine up several staircases, up to 30 times a day. Studio Rotor made a lift aid design to make their work lighter. It´s a stair climber that also works on spiral staircases. Three industry associations asked us to further develop the concept up to a prototype and test its feasibility.

Smart balancing tracks

The system is based on two tracks, which are linked to each other. If one is pushed in, the other one moves out. Therefore, the caterpillars always keep touch with turning stairs. The operator operates the whole machine from the control panel, without releasing the hands.

Innovative, yet recognizable as a handtruck

Before and after the stairs, the equipment is used as a normal hand truck. The lift aid design is tailored to the user´s perception, and is made as intuitive as possible. That is very important for the acceptance of lift aid equipment in such a conservative industry.

Are you also looking to make heavy work easy?

Studio Rotor has a lot of experience in industrial design of equipment for professionals. With our knowledge of ergonomics, user research and technology, we work with you towards a smart, innovative solution!

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Studio Rotor’s involvement: problem analysis, idea generation, concept development, production guidance, prototype production.

This project was carried out in cooperation with AATA, Cirkel design, Matador and vhphp human performance. The project was discontinued after the feasibility study, as the prototype made clear that stability couldn’t be guaranteed on the most difficult staircases.

Clients (external links):
UNETO-VNI, Sector institute Transport and Logistics en INretail