Outbase mini camper with convertible bed by Studio Rotor
Convertible camper bed in Outbase mini camper
“We are very satisfied with the collaboration with Studio Rotor. Floris had a good feel for which aspects in the design were important to us. The cooperation was very pleasant and communication was always clear so that we knew where we were at. In the future, we will certainly return to Studio Rotor for new projects to translate an idea into an actual product.”
Tim van BroekhovenOwner of Outbase Campervans

Convertible bed for mini camper

Manufacturer Outbase Campervans asked Studio Rotor to develop a convertible bed for their Volkswagen Caddy mini-camper and the upcoming Volkswagen ID.Buzz campervan. The aim was to develop a user-friendly system that makes optimal use of the limited space. It was also important that the design complied with European regulations regarding passenger seats in cars (including R14 and R17).

Exploration: regulation and construction ideas

In a first phase, Studio Rotor looked at the regulation and explored various ideas in sketch. In regular meet-ups, the people of Outbase were able to indicate which aspects they considered important and which ideas they wanted to develop further. From the start, we used vehicle geometry underlayers to make sure that our ideas would actually fit.

Translate to 3D-CAD design

After choosing an idea direction for further development, it has been worked out in several steps into an increasingly detailed design. In 3D-CAD, Studio Rotor can very easily view various movements of drawer slides, folding mechanisms, gas springs and release mechanisms. We also check whether there are no conflicts in the various positions of the mechanism.

Intuitive folding mechanism

The result is a convertible bed that works very intuitively. The folding mechanism is invisible and also inaccessible to users. With one hand, the system can be unlocked and transformed into a bed. Literally within seconds.

Design of convertible camper bed for mini camper - compliant with EU regulation - by Studio Rotor
Frame of convertible camper bed - by Studio Rotor
Sketches of design process for folding mechanism of convertible camper bed - by Studio Rotor
Comfortable sitting + comfortable sleeping

In sitting position, the lower part tilts slightly backwards, creating an ergonomic and comfortable seat. In the sleeping position, a flat surface is created, which is covered with a top mattress. The belt buckles fold down automatically, so you don’t feel them when you’re lying on the mattress.

Space for refrigerator and storage

At an early stage, we made sure that space under the seat remained free. This ensures that there is now a good place for a refrigerator and storage drawer.

Added value for users: also in daily life

In addition to the ease of switching between seat and bed, this design now gives users the option to use their mini-camper as a “daily driver”. These types of small campers are often bought by singles or couples. With this convertible bed, owners can also use the camper outside vacations to drive around their grandchildren or other visitors.

Strong construction for pull test

Specialized engineering agency Girotec has further optimized the convertible bed. With a couple of reinforcements, the convertible bed passed the various regulatory tests (including a pull test).
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Studio Rotor’s involvement: exploration, research regulation, concept design, concept engineering of mechanism.

Client: Outbase Campervans
Design and concept engineering: Studio Rotor
Engineering and testing: Girotec


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