Parking ticket machine design

A manufacturer of parking solutions asked Studio Rotor to design a new series of parking ticket machines. Goal of the project was to develop a user friendly and recognizable product line.

Design for users

Ticket machine design is normally done inside-out: starting with the technical components. In Studio Rotor’s design process, the focus is on the user experience. How does someone experience the interface of a ticket vending machine? Is the interface layout logical?

Good user experience

For a good user experience, it is important that people understand the machine. Hence, we have chosen to group the items by function: information, payment, retrieval. This prevents that the user doesn’t know where to look.

Inclusive ticket machine design

Furthermore, we’ve looked at the ergonomics of the ticket vending machines. How far can you reach from a car? What is the best location for the touch screen and other interface elements? By tilting the screen slightly, the system is easy to operate for standing people and wheelchair users.

One style for the entire product line

The parking machines have been designed to fit together. They all have a clear frame around the interface, which makes it easy to see from a distance where the user interface is located. The control panel has a calm and ordered appearance. Subtle lights attract attention when it is dark in the parking garage.

Are you also developing a product for the public space?

Studio Rotor has lots of experience in industrial design for the public space. Whether you want to develop an ATM, vending machine or something else. With our knowledge of users, design and engineering, we work with you towards a good solution!

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Studio Rotor’s involvement: ergonomic design, idea generation, concept development.