EV charging station design

ABB, manufacturer of fast charge technology for electrical vehicles (EV’s), asked Studio Rotor to design the Terra SC charger. Studio Rotor was involved from first sketch until market introduction.

One important focus of this project was to develop an EV charging station design with a small ground surface, as it would would be used by parking garages and company fleet situation first.

In close cooperation with ABB´s development team and thermal specialists, Studio Rotor made several component layouts, to research and understand how ground surface, cooling and ergonomics could be optimised. This resulted in a layout in which the EV charger could stands flat against a wall, which means that it can be placed inside a parking spot.

In various form studies, Studio Rotor worked towards a strong, recognizable and yet subtle appearance; with as much attention for both main form and details.

The connector holder was designed in such a way that the use resembles a conventional fuel pump (as everyone knows that already). All locations of touch screen, connector and other interface elements were designed in such way that they could be used by short and long people, as well as people in wheel chairs.

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Studio Rotor’s involvement: ergonomic studies, concept development, component layout studies, form studies, full scale testing with mock-ups, CAD modeling, supervision of prototype building.

Client (external link):
ABB EV charging infrastructure

Article about this EV charger design:
Human factors magazine (Dutch, pdf)